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Let Only: Leeds Landlords Save Time and Money With Us

With let only, Leeds landlords can still carry out the day-to-day business of letting their property, but save themselves the time and complexities of finding reliable tenants.

How Let Only Works

At Lemon Lettings & Sales we charge a one-off fee of just 75% of a months rent for let only services in Leeds. For this fee we will:

• Value your property
• Complete and check the inventory
• Supply marketing material and advertise your property
• Carry out viewings
• Check tenant references
• Complete the tenancy agreement
• Collect the first month’s rent

We take our fee out of the rent we collect and pass the rest on to you.

Once the tenant is in the property, you are then responsible for all ongoing matters concerning the tenancy, repairs and rent collection.

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Why You Should Use A Let Only Leeds Agency

With let only, Leeds landlords save themselves the monthly fee that applies to managed lets. (Although with Lemon Lettings 8% fee, we’re one of the lowest priced letting agents in Leeds and the UK).

You may enjoy the work involved with letting your property, rather than being a hands-off investor. You can have personal contact with your tenants and thrive on providing an excellent service that keeps your tenants happy. You get to inspect the state of your property for yourself, and use your own tradesmen for your safety checks and maintenance. But finding those tenants can be time consuming.

One reason landlords in Leeds use a let only service is that we take on the many hours of work involved. There’s advertising, corresponding with potential tenants, conducting viewings, obtaining and checking references, and all the legal paperwork involved.

Finding suitable tenants is also not a regular part of the work of being a landlord, and it can be difficult to slot this mammoth task into your routine.

Certainly, with let only, every time you get a new tenant, it means there’s a cost of a few hundred pounds. But think of what all those hours are worth to you. You may easily be able to earn back the fee involved in using a let only Leeds agency by working on the job that you do best at.

And at Lemon Lettings, we can then work on the job that we do best at.

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Why Use Lemon Lettings Let Only Service?

We’re experts in finding the right tenants for your property, from students or young professionals looking for a room, to families looking to rent a long-term home.

And we know the best websites and marketing channels to find your ideal type of tenant on. It may be Rightmove, Zoopla or SpareRoom, newspapers, boards, apps or our social media.

Lemon is also expert in advising you on property or letting strategy alterations to increase your income. Some of these are simple measures with minimal investment. One example is achieving a 33% increase in rent from the same tenants by switching to the friendly services offered to tenants by Lemon Lettings, and upgrading some of the furniture.

Other changes can be more radical, but also generate a bigger return. For example, we advised a Leeds landlord to convert a sitting room into another bedroom and rent the property per room instead of as a whole. This gained an 81% increase in rent.

Lemon also offers a short-term property management service ranging from 1-90 days which is ideal for hands-on landlords who are travelling on business or on holiday, or are temporarily relocated at work.

Last of all, remember that Lemon Lettings doesn’t charge extortionate agreement or admin fees to landlords or tenants. That makes us very popular with tenants, and easy for us to keep your property fully occupied.

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