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Most sellers use property agents because selling property is complicated. It’s also cited as one of the most stressful life events. But at Lemon Lettings & Sales we make it easy. Our directors are contactable at all times to reassure and advise you. Our expert knowledge of the Leeds area and its market conditions means we can take your property to market at the right price from day one. There’s no languishing on the market with us – our property agents will secure you a speedy sale at the best possible price.

And our property agent fees are just 0.9%. That’s over 0.5% cheaper than the average estate agency fee of 1.42% in July 2018 according to Which.

And that’s why Lemon Lettings & Sales is a great choice of property agents in Leeds.

To book a valuation call 0113 873 0122 or book your free sales valuation below.

If you’re new to selling property, we have some advice below for you. This covers how to successfully present your property to the market, and what happens when you accept an offer.

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How To Sell Your Property

What Is The Best Time Of Year To Sell My Property?

Tradition has it that spring is the best time to sell your house. Certainly, most properties come onto the market between February and July. However, that means that buyers have more choice and may pick other properties over yours. And, in fact, properties can sell better at quiet times of the year because there is more demand than supply.

Of course, circumstances rather than strategy will often dictate when you need to sell.

Be Prepared

If you want to get the best price for your property, it’s a good idea to give those rooms a fresh lick of paint, tidy up the garden, de-clutter (perhaps using a storage locker), and do any DIY before contacting Leeds property agents. This allows the property agent to see it in the exact state it will go to market in and be able to give you the most accurate valuation.

Additionally, properties for sale must usually have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). You may want to consider simple alterations to improve your property’s energy efficiency, such as upgrading loft insulation. If there are a lot of similar properties on the market, a buyer may choose the one which will save them money on bills in the long run without having to do any work themselves.

Lemon Lettings & Sales can make the arrangements with Leeds providers to get this certification for you.


Be ruthless with your de-cluttering for your marketing materials. The photographer won’t go through your cupboards and drawers, so chuck everything in there to get it out of sight. Kids’ bath toys, spare loo rolls, toothbrushes, evidence of pets, the pets themselves, extraneous kitchen appliances and utensils, bins (including outside), home gym equipment, etc.

You can’t get away with this for the viewings, but it’s your photos that create the first and last impression.

You want buyers to focus on your room sizes and features, not the ins and outs of your everyday life. A blanker canvas helps them visualise their belongings in your house more easily. And you certainly don’t want to create the impression that your house is small and lacking storage for things like this.


The outside is the first thing buyers will see on a viewing, and thanks to Kirsty and Phil, ‘kerb appeal’ is more important than ever. This doesn’t just mean attractive architecture, it’s about making sure your property is Mary Poppins’ spick and span. Clean windows and doors, de-weed paths and borders, trim hedges and grass, paint windows, fascia and rusty railings, and remove children’s toys.

Make the inside inviting by keeping it warm and well lit. Open windows to air the property before viewers come, and make sure it’s clean and as tidy as is practical. People understand the need for day to day life and can overlook these elements. Make sure it smells appealing using mildly scented candles or the old trick of baking something. Many people aren’t keen on pets so if you can get them out of the house, do.

Accepting An Offer

Not all offers made will meet your asking price, but you may also want to consider other aspects that support their offer such as the buyer’s financial status, whether they are in a chain, and when they want to move.

You may be able to negotiate successfully on these and other points. Once you accept an offer, you need to instruct a conveyancer. You will complete forms attesting to the state and legal position of the property, what fixtures and fittings are included, what companies supply the utilities etc. You must answer questions truthfully.

Once the conveyancing is complete, you and the buyer will sign and exchange the contracts, and the buyer will pay a non-refundable deposit – usually 10%.

Once contracts are exchanged, the transaction is legally binding.

The completion date is also set out in the contract. Completion is the day when you move out, and keys and money are exchanged with the buyer’s solicitors.

Lemon Lettings & Sales can take care of everything involved in selling your property for you.